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Fiestaware mixed colors Dinner Plate Lot of 8 Fiesta 10.5 inch plates 8C1M3

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  • 主颜色: mixed colors
    颜色: mixed color lot
    品牌: Fiestaware
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Made in the USASm

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.  You are buying all at one money. One each of colors listed above.

These are 10 1/2 inch dinner plates. they match our other combo packs of 

Luncheon plate 8C2M3

Salad Plate 8C3M3

Bread plate 8C4M3

Appetizer plates 8C6M3

Medium Bowl 8C11M3

Gusto Bowl Combo 8C14M3

Salsa Bowl Combo 8C111M3

Rimmed Soup/ pasta bowl pack C22M3

Small bowls 8F10M3

Mugs 8C28M3

If you search for that item number it should pull them up.

We have put together these packages with those wanting to add to there collections based on our availability and what we can ship in one box. 

This item was purchased as a factory second which means it has at least one or more flaw.  We hand select our items and only purchase what we feel are the best.  Our criteria is simply to ask ourselves "Would I use this or would I be comfortable giving this as a gift?" If the answer is yes we buy it.  We specifically look for pieces that have the least amount of flaws on the "face" or the part that is seen.  

Of course this is all subjective and if you are extremely picky I might suggest that you not purchase factory seconds to begin with or read our feedback on quality.  

Factory flaws in pottery include but are not limited to flea bites, sand bumps, pin pops, dimples, glaze skips, color variation, unmarked backside, pepper spots, slight bow in the piece and occasionally slightly out of round or square on the shape.  None of these flaws should interfere with the actual function of the piece.  

To keep the costs down to you the consumer, we use our own stock photos that we have taken, as we could not photograph the flaw on 1000 plates for example.    

All New Fiesta is oven-safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, lead free and chip resistant.

Fiesta and Fiestaware are registered trademarks of Homer Laughlin China Company USA

We are more than glad to combine shipping on items purchased together.  Please use the E bay cart on the full E bay site, not the phone app and in the upper right hand corner you will see the Request Total from Seller Button.  Wait until we send you an invoice to pay.  

If you have an questions or difficulty finding anything please just send us a message.  We truly believe good customer service is vital to our success!