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Apple iPhone 7 Plus - 256GB - Black AT&T - Possibly Unlocked- Fully Functional

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This phone was on my brother in law's plan. He contacted me and told me he was going going to switch carriers and service would be shut off. I was forced to go to Sprint and I bought a Galaxy. He told me I could keep this phone. It is a 256gb IPhone 7 Plus. I was interested in turning this phone on on my Sprint service so I bought SIM Unlocker off EBay. I decided I liked my Galaxy so I never attempted to use the Unlocker. I can not Garantee this phone will work on the ATT network, and I also can not Garantee the SIM Unlocker. I don't know how all this works. I can Garantee you the phone is 100% functional and in overall great shape. It has minor blemishes barely noticeable. I use it on my Wi-Fi network with zero issues. The phone will come with SIM Unlocker. $30.00 / iPad quick charger with original cord $25.00 / Mophie charging case $100.00 / Otterbox defender case $65.00. This phone will be SOLD AS IS. I WILL NOT GIVE RETURN IF IT DOESNT WORK ON YOUR CARRIER. I will ship to U.S. states only. Thanks.